Lot of friends?

Friendship can be a demanding occupation. If you have a lot of friends, it may be that you’re not giving as much as you should to each of them.

Always with you

A close friend is always with you. Even if you fall out, or lose touch over time, he or she will continue to remain in your memory, marking your life.

Go the extra mile

As time passes, we often become separated from our friends. They go to live in different cities, or countries, start families, make new friends. If you want to keep in touch, make sure you organize visits occasionally if possible – travel to where they live, have then to stay, or meet somewhere halfway between your homes.

What is a friend?

A friend can be many things… A friend is the person you consult about your problems, whether large or small. The person you celebrate with when something wonderful happens. The person whose shoulder you cry on when something upsets you. The person you complain to about the little things in life that bug you. The person you trust with your secrets. The person you miss when they’re away on holiday. The person whose birthday you always remember. The person who has the nerve to tell you when you make a fool of yourself. The person you still love when they do the same.


In your old age, you will reap the benefit of friends that you have been loyal to over many years.

An art

Friendship is an art which like any other, must be practiced and refined throughout a lifetime.


How is a friendship nourished over the years? Are friends that last a lifetime the most important ones in our lives, and how do we react when a friendship ends? Also, what are the qualities needed to find and keep a good friend?