Friendship for me…

A True Friendship has its ups and downs! However, I ask myself is it worth it? I believe the answer itself is just incredible…

Friendship is one of the most precious kinds of love, but it is a relationship whose importance is often overlooked. What is a true friend, and how does friendship differ from romantic and other kinds of attachment?

Is one of the most important human relationships. In this treasury, thinkers from different cultures and ages highlight the significant role that true friends play in our lives. From the profound to the humorous, the ideas expressed in this blog will help you develop the gift of friendship and nurture the vital bond of selfless love.

The bond of friendship is one that is often overlooked, yet is one of the most important human relationships. It is a deep recognition of our common humanity and can be a source of great joy, from childhood through to adulthood. A true friend can share fun and laughter in happy times; provide reassurance and comfort in times of distress; give advice when we find ourselves troubled; tolerate our moods with patience; gently criticize our faults, and be a true companion on life’s pathway.

Finding a good friend is an extraordinary piece of luck in life and one that we should never take for granted. It’s important to realize that friendships, like all relationships, must be nurtured; small acts, like helping out with chores, remembering birthdays, wishing good luck for important new challenges, and so on, are all ways of showing your friends that you care.

A recent survey showed that most people, of whatever age, number their close friends on one hand. We may have five hundred friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even elsewhere, but when it comes down to it, most of us have only between one and five friends we can really count on. I trust my blog will help you to see why those few friends are so important, and why – on a bigger scale – the natural bond of selfless love between human beings that we call friendship is so essential in building communities, societies, bond between nations, and hence, a better world for all of us.

I really hope to hear what you have to say about friendship, or what it means to you. Please contact me and let’s build a true friendship. Cheers!